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green ball Tuesday June 30th at 4.30pm British Summer Time: The inaugural live streamed event of the UNICORN Virtual Museum Cloud Conference session, in cooperation with The MiddleA Ages in the Modern World conference being held the University of Lincoln (June 29, 2015 to July 2, 2015).

green ball June, 2015: Work Begun: Medieval Electronic Multimedia Organization (MEMO) hopes to have non-profit status established by September, 2015. Having such a status would mean that MEMO could work freely with other scholarly and amateur organizations, as well as various universities and colleges, to raise funds and to move expediently forward in this project, as well as other medievalist electronic mulimedia projects.

green ball May, 2015: A Board of Directors for The UNICORN Virtual Museum of Medieval Studies and Medievalism is nearly established.

green ball May, 2015: Decision: The First Annual UNICORN Museum Conference will be held in 2016! This first year's conference will most likely not have avatars and 3D graphic spaces, but it will be purely online, except when certain sessions are jointly held with sessions attached to on-land conferences.

green ball April, 2015: We have a logo!

green ball March, 2015: Plans are in motion to co-teach the course CHIVALRY & ROMANCE by Lesely A. Coote (University of Hull) and Carol L. Robinson (Kent State University-Trumbull), with shared space at The UNICORN Virtual Museum WORKPLACE. This will take place in FALL 2016.

green ball February 20-21, 2015: The first online/on-land conference session experiments were held in cooperation with Ohio State University's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies for their conference Popular Culture and the Deep Past, Tolkien Days.

green ball February, 2015: A Masterbid, to be used as a base for grant applications, has been completed.

green ball December, 2014: The first multi-member Skype meeting was held to further organize plans for the first year of work.

green ball November, 2014: A List of on-land/online participation sessions was established for the 2015 year.

green ball October, 2014: The first multi-member meeting of future Board of Directors was held at the 29th International Conference on Medievalism.

green ball May, 2014: MEMO decides to build a virtual museum of medieval studies and medievalism.

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