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About The UNICORN Museum Project

A Brief Narrative of Origins:
Several years ago, Carol Robinson worked with Mark Natale to try to build small exhibits for her Literature in English I class (British Literature before 1800) at Kent State University at Trumbull. They used UNITY to attempt to build a "3D" exhibit of the Ruthwell Cross, with the intention that students could "walk" around the cross and examine it via their avatar selves. They had mild success in their attempts, mostly due to time and work constraints. A couple of years later, Carol Robinson and Pamela Clements, who were the Chief Leaders of Medieval Electronic Multimedia Organization (MEMO) at the time, together wrote an invited proposal for a "video game styled archive" of medievalist works. While that proposal was not accepted (it turned out that the publisher was not ready to go beyond paper print publishing) the ideas continued to germinate. In the late Spring of 2014, long done with their first published book anthology and not interested in moving forward with print publications of that nature, the members of MEMO decided to take the virtual museum project on as the organization's central production. The past year has been spent drawing out details (the goals, the mission, the design, media, the programing,...), networking connections, and experimenting with approaches to cloud conference sessions. (UPDATED: 6/26/2015)

Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors oversees all aspects of the construction and maintenence of The UNICORN Virtual Museum of Medieval Studies and Medievalism. Eventually, there will be a co-operative of directors. Below are descriptions of each job and the need for the job. These people will be directing at least two halves of a team, one from the USA and one from the UK, another part from AU, and so on, with the hopes of creating a globalized "board of boards". Directors will work independently with groups for collaboration and feedback, under the direction of the executive directors, who will oversee one another. As with everythig else in this project, the first Board of Directors is still taking shape. Here is the current list (which will be completed soon):
green ball
Chair of the Board: Carol L. Robinson
green ball Chair of Curating & Education Programs:
Lesley A. Coote
green ball Chair of Special Events & The UNICORN Cloud Conference:
Helen Young
green ball Project Management Consultant:
Brent A. Moberly
green ball Artistic and Design Director:
William Robinson
green ball Director of Creative Projects Leaders:
Pamela Clements
green ball Music Director:
Thomas Robinson
green ball Director of Safety and Advocacy:
Mary Wilson
green ball Director of Communications and Diversity:
Jonathan Hsy
green ball Director of Communications and Accessibility:
Peter S. Cook
green ball Museum Ambassador:
Richard Utz
green ball Board Member: Lauryn Mayer
green ball Board Member:
Amy Kaufman
green ball Board Member:
Kevin Moberly
green ball Board Member: N. M. ("Annie") Heckel
green ball Board Member: Geoffrey Elliott
green ball Board Member: Mark Natale
green ball Board Member: Rick Bodnar
green ball Board Member: Samuel Stephens
green ball Board Member: Nils Holger Petersen

Educational Programs
Special Exhibitions
Scholarly Colaborations
Established Exhibitions
Archive Networking
green ball Director of Project Management: TBA
green ball Director of Relations, Test Groups, and Surveys: TBA
green ball Director of Curating Medieval Music: TBA
green ball Director of Curating Medieval Arts: TBA
green ball Director of Curating Medieval Texts: TBA
green ball Director of Hall Project Leaders: TBA
green ball Director of Single Exhibit Project Leaders: TBA
green ball Director of Single Exhibit Project Leaders: TBA
green ball Director of Avatar Project Leaders: TBA
green ball Director of Games and Games Research: TBA
green ball Director of Learning and Scholarship of Teaching: TBA
green ball Director of Fundraising and Accounting:

Project Leaders:
Each Project Leader is responsible for the design and building of a particular aspect of the museum. This aspect might be anything, from a roving (and informative/amusing) avatar to an entire hall of exhibits. Currently, we are not officially involving Project Leaders; that involvement will be a part of Stage II (see the PLANS).


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