Listening to You, Listening to Me, Listening to Everyone

Listening to you, listening to me, listening to everyone
A UNICORN Museum Exhibit and Hounding Productions Documentary Project
by Carol L. Robinson

Documentary Film Project

  • Everyman for Everyone  In 2009, Prof. Nancy M. Resh (Kent State University—Trumbull ASL Instructor), Dr. Daniel-Raymond Nadon (Kent State University—Trumbull Theatre Professor), and Dr. Carol L. Robinson (Kent State University—Trumbull English Professor) co-produced Willy Conley’s For Every Man, Woman and Child—a modern morality play inspired by EVERYMAN at Kent Trumbull Theatre, Kent State University—Trumbull (Champion, OH). This film is about that experience.  (Note, in 2012, a longer version of this film was released, entitled Listening to You, Listening to Me, Listening to Everyone: A Neomedieval, Deaf/Hearing, Community Theatre Project.)
  • Deaf Snow White  A documentary about the ASL/English production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, adapted by Iosif Schneiderman, William Morgan and Aaron Weir and directed at Kent Trumbull Theatre, Kent State University—Trumbull (Champion, OH: December, 2013) by Iosif Schneiderman.
  • ANOTHER Christmas Carol Ensemble Derived and co-produced by Carol L. Robinson, Farah Kish-Leland, Lauren Lemley, and Eric Kildow. Performances done in American Sign Language and spoken English, simultaneously at Kent Trumbull Theatre, Kent State University—Trumbull (Champion, OH: December, 2013).  This is both a documentary about the play’s production and an edited video of the actual production.

A UNICORN Museum Exhibit

Over the past several decades, Carol Robinson has made a large collection of interviews of Deaf artists and scholars. This collection continues to grow, and it is now being edited and organized in order to make the videos accessible for both research and teaching purposes.  Its significance is in its historical preservation interviews with several key figures of American Deaf culture, as well as several Deaf artists and scholars unique to the Northeast Ohio area, including Kent State University.