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Medieval Electronic Multimedia Organization is excited to announce plans for building The UNICORN Virtual Museum of Medieval Studies and Medievalism, an online multimedia and multimodal environment that will ultimately be contained within a virtual ("3D" animated graphics) location. Founded by members of Medieval Electronic Multimedia Organization (MEMO), The UNICORN is a public museum/library in cyberspace. In cooperation with others (individuals, universities and colleges, scholarly and amateur organizations,...), MEMO plans to build halls of exhibits that will be open and free to the general public.

Consider the image of the three individuals working together (right); it is an image that Medieval Electronic Multimedia Organization has used for its first book cover, among other items. One might imagine the young woman with the laptop computer and the young man with the video camera to be graduate students of contemporary medieval studies (including medievalism), and the older gentleman might appear to be a rather eccentric archeology professor. Embodied as avatars, anyone may roam the halls to explore these exhibits and participate in special exhibitions and special tours (that may or may not be free of cost). Scholars and artists may work behind the public "halls" to further research or participate in creative endeavors.


Such a platform would allow for more frequent and constructive engagement on both formal (conference) and informal levels and on a global scale. Indeed, it was recently discussed that the focus of medievalism studies is mostly limited to Europe and North America; a venue such as what we are proposing would encourage and support a more global examination of this mostly geographically boundaried scholarship.

In short, we propose to build a virtual museum that is also a library, that has a Great Hall for special exhibits and conferences, that provides classrooms and workrooms, including a "kitchen" for creative working, and that even has a store. It would provide a three dimensional style environment for research, creative and pedagogical purposes.

The First Annual UNICORN Museum Conference will be held in 2016! This first year's conference will most likely not have avatars and 3D graphic spaces, but it will be purely online, except when certain sessions are jointly held with sessions attached to on-land conferences. Medieval Electronic Multimedia Organization (MEMO), invites all interested individuals, groups and organizations (from amateur explorers to scholars), from all around the world, to join us in this venture of scholarly and artistic creation. MEMO is in the process of applying for non-profit status in the United States of America; however, The UNICORN is a joint international venture.

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